Poppin Pork Burrito

Citrus carnitas with crispy jalepeno poppers, cilantro rice, sweet chipotle sauce, beans, salsa and guacamole! Served with chips

Sweet Fire Tacos

(3) Chicken tacos with our “sweet fire” sauce in soft or hard shells with lettuce, cheese and sour cream, served with refried beans and cilantro lime rice

"Lima" Shrimp Tacos

(3) Lime glazed shrimp tacos with cilantro, Mexican slaw, cheese and sour cream in soft flour shells, served with a side of refried beans

Stuffed Pepper

A sweet red pepper stuffed with Mexican rice, beef OR chicken, blended cheese and queso  

Spicy Shrimp Bowl

Seasoned shrimp, Americana salsa (black bean and corn), Pico de Gallo, our signature Ancho Ranch sauce and jalapeno puree over house made Mexican rice

Taco De Pollo

Honey Chipotle glazed chicken with lettuce, sauteed onion, cheese and sour cream on hard or soft tacos, served with refried beans and rice